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My poem “Finishing” has been published in the winter issue of Up the Staircase.  I will provide links to their journal below. Up the Staircase is a literary review that publishes quarterly and they are currently open for submissions. I would also like to congratulate my friend and fellow poet S. Thomas Summers for the publication of his poem “This is My Part” in this same issue, make sure you check his work out!  

Up the Staircase

Submission Guidelines






One of my poems due to be published in the upcoming issue #8 of Mississippi Crow Magazine is being previewed on Page Turner along with the work of a few other poets and writers. Below is a link that you can follow to check it out:

Mississippi Crow Magazine issue 8 preview



My profile on Poetry & Writers  directory is up and viewable. For those of you who wish to check out my profile click on the Poets & Writers logo above.

(For my mother)

You were a Xerox of him,
nine months printed, the flesh
colored ink of the womb still
drying. I wanted to ball you
up and pitch you like trash
into the waste-bin, listen
as you crinkle out of existence,
and then hit the print button again.

©Shawn Nacona Stroud

*This poem was previously published in Issue #7 of the Mississippi Crow Magazine.

Mother, we grew
in your neglected garden.
We survived for eight
long years as we choked
on the thick thwart
of your hate, it sucked
the soil nutrients from us.
We had barely bloomed
the day that you plucked us
from the dirt.

©Shawn Nacona Stroud

♦This poem was previously published in Issue #7 of the Mississippi Crow Magazine.


The members of Poetry Pages and Kimberly Eddleman are  back with the second volume to the Poetry From the Darkside Anthology.

Poetry from the Dark Side Vol. II pulls together some of the darker thoughts and emotions from the community at Traverse the eclectic views and expressions of a family that while never housed under the same roof, share a bond that can not be bent, bruised or broken and strength to pull free of any dark abyss that may struggle to pull us under.Some of us have climbed out from under the shadows to lend a hand to those still trying. Others are just beginning their climb while a few have fallen yet will never be forgotten.

We invite you to step into our struggling world, to witness the paralyzing moments of fear and horror that make up our imaginations. Welcome to the darkness, leave your flashlights at the door, all you need here is courage.

Authors in book:

thief of dreams
C.R. Ebowski
Drew Rush
Black Wolf’s Blood
secluded refuge

Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Perfect binding
Pages: 148
ISBN: 978-0976807674 
Publisher: Jera Publishing
Publication date: October 31st, 2007

If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy you can at the following links:


 Barnes and Noble

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