The Loch Raven Review Logo (winter 2007)

Loch Raven Review Logo Image

The winter issue of the Loch Raven Review is out featuring the work of Gary Blankenship, Jim Corner, William Doreski, Michaela A. Gabriel, Clarinda Harriss, Deborah P. Kolodji, Tammy Ho Lai-ming, David W. Landrum, Danilo Lopez, Steve Meador, Corey Mesler, Mary E. Moore, Shawn Nacona Stroud, S. Thomas Summers, Thane Zander; an essay by Dave Eberhardt and Dan Cuddy; fiction by William Reese Hamilton, Fred Longworth, Randy Rohn, Deborah C. Strozier, Howard Waldman; book reviews by Dan Cuddy, Jim Doss and Christopher T. George.  A big CONGRATS to everyone!  The new site design for this issue is excellent, and the mix of talented poets makes this issue a pleasure to read (although I have enjoyed them all so far). The editors of the Loch Raven Review are always looking for fresh voices so all you poets out there on WordPress send in your polished poems to:

 Here is a link straight to their submission guidelines: