Crescent Moon Journal

My poem “Mary” won second place in the Desert Moon Review’s spring contest and will be published in the upcoming issue of the Crescent Moon Journal. This is an beautiful e-zine with wide selection of some very talented poet’s work, artwork, and the site design in one of the better that I have come across. I will keep you updated on when it will be released. When you read the Crescent Moon Journal it is apparent that a lot of time, thought, and hard work is put into this publication. Please check out their website for submission guidelines.

Crescent Moon Journal


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A selection of my poetry will appear in the upcoming book Poetry from the Dark Side Vol 2. This book is published by: ©JeraWebCreations LLC, and consists of poetry written by the members of The Poetry Pages poetry workshop. I am not sure when the book will be released yet, but I will keep you posted. I will also post the cover once I get a copy of it. I would to thank Berlie for all of her hard work and time spent on this project, and all the other poets in the book.

The Poetry Pages

  -Shawn Nacona Stroud